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بهمن خلفی

Bahman Khalafi

Web Designer/Developer

About Me

I'm Web Developer/Designer from Tehran.

I'm a programmer and a developer and I love this job.
My popular programming languages is C#.Net ,Asp.Net MVC ,and so am using EF ,LINQ and Telerik ,Kendo UI Tools on projects. Technologies, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 I use it. Also use jQuery ,Ajax ,JSON ,Firebug and other tools to fast Design. In the last 1 year I div in PHP and Open Source Programming Languages for Web development,So resulting in the language have been several websites for various companies. I work in a Dolphin System Company which is a financial software, office and custom produced. Gained about 8 years experience in this field. Most of the time I am on the internet to research. Most of my abilities in solving difficult problems of programming. I've worked with large companies generate a lot of applications like MCI , IRANCELL , EMDAD KHODRO SAIPA.

My Skills

  • Asp.Net Webform , Asp.Net MVC 4.0 , WCF 4.0
  • SQL Server 2008 , 2012
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • jQuery
  • PHP , MySQL
  • Kendu UI , Telerik , Red Gate
  • UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Desktop Application

Personal Info

  • Name:Bahman Khalafi
  • Alias:sanay , its means in AZERI is Glorious ,Great.
  • Birthday:Tuesday, January 22, 1985
  • Address:Sattar Khan Bridge , Tehran, IRAN
  • e-mail:آدرس ایمیل شخصی بهمن خلفی
  • Mobile:+98 936 210 5055
  • Freelance:Availableon

Last News


AApple's WWDC keynote scheduled for June 10 Apple's annual developers conference will have its keynote address on the very first day of the weeklong event.

bahman khalafi

Google brings your Google+ photos in search results Google rolled out an update through which Google+ users will be able to search their private photos and the photos your friends on Google+ share with you, reports CNet. All you need to do is signing in on Google+, users can type “my photos” and a few keywords into or directly on Google+ to find pictures from their own albums or those of their friends. This works only when you are logged into your Google account and have photos or friends with photos in your circles. What’s wonderful here is that these results are not being served based on tags, captions, or other ways to denote what is in a given photo. Google is analyzing the content of all your photos and deciding which ones are relevant to your query.

bahman khalafi

Two new multitasking mice for Windows 8 Microsoft has announced the new Sculpt Comfort Mouse and Sculpt Mobile Mouse, both featuring a Windows Start button. This will be the first set of mice to feature a Start button on it, reports The Verge.The Sculpt Comfort mouse features a touch sensitive blue strip with a white Windows logo, known as the Windows touch tab, on the right side. The tab allows users to navigate Windows 8 with the touch or swipe of their thumb. The bright blue tab can also be clicked in, delivering the user to the Start screen just as a regular Windows logo key would do.

bahman khalafi


  • Pay-Per-Click

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

Graphic Design
  • Logos

  • User Interface Design

  • Graphical Design

Web Design
  • Web Development

  • eCommerce

  • CMS Development

  • Digital Analytics

  • Better Planning

  • Start-up Firms



2010 - Present
Web Developer/Designer

I learned how to solve problems on their own. I learned how to learn. The Rise of the Web Applications, I found a great interest I spent a lot of specialized training to operate according to the principles of engineering in WEB.Now, i develop a Dillers Distributers System .It's such a beautiful and User Freindly system .Also , Involved Online Orders Management and eSHOP.I'm in Android Application Development Course and I think one month later i learned how to Apps Produce on it.Other System witch i am in that is Web Office of Simorgh Hotel(4 stars) in Valiasr ST center of Tehran.

2007 - 2010
Desktop Developer

After two years, the development team was among the top people. I was involved in the production of financial systems, inventory systems, customer relationship management, intelligent scheduling systems, SMS systems, ordering system, sales system and ... .
After it entered the market as a Free Lancer. During this time I was able to produce electronic charges Printing System for two major companies , MCI and Irancell.

Visual Studio 2005 - 2008 - 2010
2003 - 2007
Become a Developer

After a period of military service, the Dolphin Company would start as a beginner.In first time, design form and fill the test date in applications. In very little time, I became a member of the Development Team. 2 years on the team did its work.



2008 - Present
Free Student!

It's always time to learn. Without learning is a day that is not a good day. There are so many virtual training sites. I'm reminded of the progress of the work and earn money.I learned things that I taught to freinds and peaple.

School of Art and Design
2005 - 2008
Bachelor of Computer

After Schools of Computer Science , The Department of Computer Science,Saveh Unit Islamic Azad University , I was accepted. Was a very large building computer education for students.Great Masters ,Doctors ,Professors also taught at the Universtiy. Such as DR.F.Taghiyar Manager of IT Group in Pardis/Tehran University who was my supervisor teacher in my final project of Course.
I got the CCNA courses and gain experience.

When I gained the knowledge to service and earn money.
2002 - 2005
High School , University

I went to High School in HadiShahr City.(a small city of East Azerbaijan Province)
After that , accepted in Azad University of YAZD Unit.That duration two years.

School of Physics and Math , Computer Science